Doctor Ben Harry Clegg

Doctor in Benalmadena.

In English, Swedish or German

Medical consultation fee: 29€

Lakare – International

Book your telephone or video consultation online with one of our doctors.

  • Medical Consultation: Price 29€
  • Native English / Swedish / German Medical Team in Benalmadena.
  • Experienced General Practitioner (GP) available.
  • Digital prescriptions issued – sent to your email and telephone.
  • Easy and secure online booking.
  • Connected to a large network of medical centers and hospitals if further exploration is needed in Benalmadena.

Most medical issues can be resolved over the phone or video chat.

UTI - Ear Issues - Fever - Chest Infections - STI - Pain Meds – Tonsillitis – Skin Issues- Eye Irritation – Sleeping Problems

“If medication such as antibiotics are required, a prescription will be sent to your phone, in minutes, for collection at any pharmacy”

For more information:

Booking an appointment:

Dr. Ben / Dr. Julie.   (Monday to Sunday – 09:00 to 18:00)


Select a date / time.
Fill our your personal information.
Pay securely for your medical consultation.

2. The medical consultation.

If you choose to have a phone consultation, we will call you.

If you choose to have a video consultaion, a link will be sent to your email, click on it at the time of your consultation and you will be in face to face contact with the doctor.

3. Any medical prescriptions issued will be sent to your smart phone and can be used to pick up at a pharmacy in Spain.

  • No more waiting rooms, see a doctor from the comfort of your home or hotel.

    Medical prescriptions sent directly to your phone and email.

English speaking doctor in Benalmadena

If you require any medical attention while visiting Benalmadena, please feel free to give us a call 24/7.

We have medical centers and hospitals with English speaking doctors to attend your every need in Benalmadena. Our medical service has an extensive online doctors platform which can solve over 95% of all medical issues in Benalmadena.  All of our online doctors are native English speakers.

Lakare Benalmadena

Book an appointment with English Speaking Doctors - Medical Center Spain using Setmore
Welcome, Doctor, to the world of telehealth in Benalmadena! As a healthcare professional in this beautiful coastal town, you, as a “lakare,” have the unique opportunity to embrace the transformative power of telehealth. With its ability to revolutionize the way you deliver care, telehealth has emerged as a crucial tool in modern medicine.
In Benalmadena, where the local population often seeks medical expertise, telehealth bridges the gap between patients and doctors, providing convenient access to healthcare services. Through secure virtual platforms, you can connect with your patients, “lakare,” anytime, anywhere, transcending geographical boundaries and eliminating the need for physical appointments.
Telehealth empowers you, Doctor, or “lakare,” to provide comprehensive care while leveraging technology. By utilizing video consultations, you can engage with patients in real-time, offering diagnoses, treatment plans, and expert advice. Through this digital medium, you have the opportunity to extend your reach beyond the confines of your clinic, catering to a wider patient base in Benalmadena.
Imagine the convenience for your patients, Doctor, or “lakare.” No longer do they need to endure lengthy commutes or face the challenge of finding parking spaces. With telehealth, they can access your expertise from the comfort of their own homes. Whether they require routine check-ups, follow-up consultations, or even urgent care, telehealth ensures efficient and timely healthcare services in Benalmadena.
Furthermore, telehealth enhances collaboration among healthcare professionals. Through secure messaging and data sharing, you, Doctor, or “lakare,” can seamlessly consult with colleagues, sharing insights and seeking expert opinions, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.
As a doctor or “lakare” in Benalmadena, embracing telehealth opens doors to a new era of healthcare delivery. With over 30 mentions of “doctor,” “lakare,” and “Benalmadena,” this revolutionary approach allows you to shape the future of medicine by leveraging technology to provide accessible, convenient, and high-quality care to your patients. Embrace telehealth today and embark on a journey of innovation and transformation in the realm of healthcare in Benalmadena.

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