Doctor / Läkare 24h

Doctor - Medical Center - Hospital - Ambulance

Do you need medical help in Almuñecar?

See a doctor now in your hotel or home.


We have doctors located in Almuñecar to attend your medical needs.

Fast doctor response times covering the whole of Almuñecar.

All of our doctors speak English.

Call a doctor in Almuñecar now:

(+34) 624 273 885


English and Swedish doctors / medical staff available to attend your every medical need, be it an urgent issue or just a general consultation.
We are available 24h a day.

A 24 hour full medical service in the Almuñécar, La Herradura and Salobreña areas.
Nerja Medical Center has now expanded into the Costa Tropical Areas of Almuñecar, La Herradura and Salobreña to meet the growing demand of our patients.
We have doctors located within these areas to attend all of your medical needs.


Talk to a doctor via telephone, from the comfort of your home or hotel.


Have a telephone or video chat with a doctor.

Medical prescriptions sent directly to your phone and email in minutes.

Prescriptions valid in all pharmacies in Spain.

We offer a 24h medical service / DOCTORS, NURSES, AND HEALTH CARE STAFF at our medical center as well as in your home/hotel.
We are able to perform a wide range of treatments and medical tests.
24h Urgent and Non urgent Doctor Service.
Lab tests (Blood, Diabetes, INR control, Urine, and Stool)
ECG heart monitoring.
Oxygen and nebulizer therapy.
Rehydration therapy.
Nursing services (Ear syringing, Injections, Wound treatment).
Long term and palliative care
Vaccines (Flu, Tetanus…)
COVID TESTING (PCR, LATER FLOW (LFT) ANTIGEN TESTS, ANTIBODY) for FLIGHTS (With fit to fly certificate) and for people with symptoms.

Urgente Medical Care? Call (+34) 624 273 885

We work with most international insurance companies, so for an urgent appointment with a doctor no payment would be needed at our medical centers.

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