Doctor Ben Harry Clegg

Video / Telephone Doctors Consultation in Almuñecar.

In English, Swedish or Spanish

Medical consultation price: 49 €

Book your phone or video doctors consultation online.

  • Medical Consultation: Price 49 €
  • Native English / Swedish Medical Team in Almuñecar.
  • Experienced General Practitioner (GP) and Emergency doctors available in Almuñecar.
  • Digital prescriptions, valid (In every pharmacy in Almuñecar and nearby cities) sent to your smart phone and email.
  • Easy and secure online booking.
  • Connected to a large network of medical centers and hospitals if further exploration is needed in Almuñecar.

UTI - Ear Issues - Fever - Chest Infections - STI - Pain Meds – Tonsillitis – Skin Issues- Eye Irritation – Sleeping Problems

“If medication such as antibiotics are required, a prescription will be sent to your phone, in minutes, for collection at any pharmacy”

Our online medical doctor reviews

For more information
or if you need any medical help in Almuñecar:

Book a medical consultation with our Almuñecar medical team,

Sixten, Ben, Julie and Susan (Monday to Sunday – 09:00 to 18:00)


Select a date / time.
Fill our your personal information.
Pay securely for your medical consultation.

2. The medical consultation.

If you choose to have a phone consultation, we will call you.

If you choose to have a video consultaion, a link will be sent to your email, click on it at the time of your consultation and you will be in face to face contact with the doctor.

3. Any medical prescriptions issued will be sent to your smart phone and email. They can be used at any pharmacy in Almuñecar, in fact they can be used anywhere in Spain.

  • No more waiting rooms, see a doctor from the comfort of your home or hotel in Almuñecar.

    Medical prescriptions sent directly to your phone and email.

English / Swedish speaking doctor in Almuñecar

If you require any medical attention while visiting Almuñecar, please feel free to give us a call 24/7.

Whether it be a visit to a medical center, Hospital, House or over the phone medical consultation,  English / Swedish speaking doctors are always available to attend your every need in Almuñecar . Our medical service has an extensive online doctors platform which can solve over 95% of all medical issues in Almuñecar.  All of our online doctors are native English or Swedish speakers.

  • English / Swedish speaking doctor Almuñecar

    Get urgent care and prescription in minutes!

    We’re open 9 am – 6 pm, 7 days a week.

    Our online doctor service is available all over Almuñecar.

    All of our doctors are native English / Swedish speakers.




“Doctor Near Me” Native English Speaking Doctor in Almuñecar

An online healthcare provider, offereing you reliable medical care while you are on holiday in Almuñecar. Let our medical staff Sixten, Ben, Julie and Susan all native English / Swedish speakers take care of your medical needs while in Almuñecar.

No need to leave your hotel, no translation issues.  We guarantee you receive fast medical support in English or Swedish.

Urgent Care in Almuñecar.

Medical issues dealt with in your language, allowing you to explain your symptoms properly and having the confidence that you are fully understood.

English speaking doctor in Almuñecar.

Book an appointment with Doctor / Läkare 24h - Medical Services using Setmore

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